Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Banding Results 6/1

Following are the results.

Date: June 1, 2010
Site: BCEP
Weather 61-64*F, winds calm to B3 gusts, cc%-100
Net hours: 36
Banders: Garcia, C. Martin- thanks!!!
Birds captured: 28 individuals of 11 species
1 Anna hummer
1 Black-chinned hummer
9 Bushtit (all juveniles)
3 Lesser goldfinch (1 recap from 4/09- she's at least in her 4th year)
2 Orange-crowned warbler
1 Pacific- slope flycatcher
6 Oak titmouse (1 recap from 8/2006- at least 5 years old!, 4 juvs)
2 Bewick's wren (both juvs)
1 House finch (recap
1 Ash-throated flycatcher
1 Nuttall's woodpecker (male orginally captured 9/2008, now ~4 years old)

credit of Dawn Garcia

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  1. Found my way here looking for information about Bewick wrens. I have a pair nesting in a box on my deck in Campbell, CA. They've just hatched their 2nd brood this year. You have a beautiful site; I plan to put you on my RSS feed. Please keep writing and posting your photos!